Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indonesia Scholarships

Republic Of Indonesia Goverment Scholarships
“Darmasiswa Program” is scholarships from Republic of Indonesia Government for foreign student. This Program for students which interest to study Indonesian Language, Indonesia Culture, Indonesian Dance and Art. And another else cooperation with Universities In Indonesia.
The Indonesian Goverment target for this program to:
Introduce Indoensian language, culture, and art to friends countries.
Mutual respons for countries which gave scholarships for Indoensian Government
As a diplomatic culture

The program plan to increase from year to year, the detail as bellow:
Year 2007 = 500 Students
Year 2008 = 750 Students
Year 2009 = 1000 Students
Year 2010 = 2000 Students
Year 2011 = 3000 Students
Year 2012 = 4000 Students
Year 2013 = 5000 Students
Year 2014 = 7500 Students
Year 2015 = 10000 Students
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